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Evolution of Community Development

It did not look promising but through the thunderstorm, an audience gathered and it was a great start to the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce quarterly breakfast series. Joe Humphreys of the Small Business Development Center at the University of Houston-Victoria provided a program focused on business resources and services provided in the area. The information was relevant and informative and the audience was engaged, asking questions on topics that concern their business and our community.

Chambers of Commerce today are like many other industries and businesses – always evolving. The need to evolve comes from our society and the economy of the day. No longer do you have to be on an interstate or have a large volume airport or rail line. Those certainly help, but in the internet age, the lack of those connections is no longer a deal breaker.

With people being able to locate almost anywhere – small towns for once have a nice perk to offer. You can live in a safe, small town with good people, good schools, and relatively low cost of living. Avoiding crime, commute times, and expense. Workers of today are not bound by the constraints of location – and what a great thing for Port Lavaca.

Not only are we a safe, relatively small town with good schools, but we’re on the Gulf Coast.

The Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce, and quality chambers all over the country, recognizes the need to branch out and be proactive. If we aren’t working to make this a great community, to attract and keep our workforce and our families, some other chamber in some other town is working to recruit them. We want to see our best and brightest stay in Port Lavaca or if they move, or go to school, we want them to come back and raise their family here. How do we do that?

Focus on the businesses and the people that are here. Progressive chamber of commerce leaders are constantly seeking new ways to help the companies and industry that are the lifeblood of the community. Listening to feedback, collaborating with other chamber leaders in the area and trying new ideas ensure some good programs and events will come true.

Regionalism, business retention and expansion, leadership – constant themes at the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce.

Today’s local chamber of commerce has to be engaged on many levels in order to be a part of creating an outstanding community. The breakfast series is one instance. The job fair to be held on May 12th is an effort to bring employers and the potential workforce together. The upcoming leadership academy, target industry recruiting, tourism targeted marketing, and new special events are all on the horizon for the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce and our investors. And we want to hear your ideas!

Community development encompasses highlighting Port Lavaca’s economic and tourism assets but also acting as an advocate for existing local businesses and their employees. In that effort we will always collaborate with the school district and the City of Port Lavaca to develop more diverse and needed amenities for the citizens or our area.

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