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Who are going to be the new leaders in Port Lavaca?

Who are going to be the new leaders in Port Lavaca?

Progressive communities are much like a business in that to ensure continued progress there must be a succession plan in place. The leaders of the past and present won’t remain in their positions forever. The only constant is change.

Port Lavaca Leadership Program

The Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce has developed the Port Lavaca Leadership program to prepare leaders and volunteers for community service. This is a nine month program requiring one daylong meeting a month and is designed to educate and motivate the participants through the exploration of issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Port Lavaca area now and in the future.


The main objectives of the Port Lavaca Leadership Program are to:

  • Identify and select highly motivated and potential community leaders to participate in the program.

  • Challenge the participants to examine and respond to the social and economic needs of the community.

  • Develop a team atmosphere and camaraderie which will provide a foundation for working together on present and future community needs.

  • Identify opportunities for the participants to engage in various community leadership roles and assist in the placement of participants.

Most of us recognize our area faces some challenges but all communities do. The key to a thriving area is not just identifying problems and complaining about them but to find people willing to actually work together towards accomplishing solutions. Those are the people we are looking for. Those are the people we need to train and nurture.

We have re-organized in Port Lavaca and I have seen folks engaged and energized. In the community meetings I have attended I’ve stopped hearing, “This is how we’ve done it in the past,” and now I sense an attitude that something can and will be done.

Our leaders must recognize and believe that collaboration is essential for success. All leaders in our community must work together – we are all intertwined from the school district, to City Hall, police and fire with the Chamber of Commerce and business community.

And our neighboring communities as well. A regional approach to community development has proven very effective in many areas and I have had conversations with some of our neighbors about ways to work together to create a stronger economy in our region.

How do we recognize emerging leaders? I recently read an article listing some telling questions to ask when considering someone for a leadership role – and I think they make a lot of sense. Does the person:

  • Always look for ways to improve things?

  • See challenges and not problems?

  • Well respected among peers?

  • Someone who takes initiative?

  • One who has demonstrated leadership in the past?

I encourage you to spend some time thinking of your friends and neighbors – who around you fits this profile? In Port Lavaca we have ample resources and a lot of good people who see what this town can become.

I often say the Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocate for businesses in the Port Lavaca area. One of the best ways we can live up to that recognizing, developing and motivating our area’s current leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.

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