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It’s interesting that with all the technology and advances we have made, for the most part the things we desire in our hometowns  haven’t really changed that much in centuries.  


Safety, education for our children and ourselves,  medical services, recreational opportunities, cultural and entertainment options, the chance to earn a decent wage with a good employer and having a good home.  

These are the qualities companies with plans to relocate, develop or expand are looking for.  How does Port Lavaca measure up?  Now is the time to look at our community and evaluate the numerous opportunities we have to develop and evolve.


The first step is asking questions and then listening to the answers.  What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or the challenges of Port Lavaca?  Vital information in determining direction.


The Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce is preparing our action plan for 2015 and its foundation is going to be influenced greatly by the voice of the citizens.  We have developed a 10 question survey we ask you to complete and share your opinions.  


The Chamber of Commerce is asking not only our membership and investors to provide us with feedback, but any citizen in this area because inclusive decision making only takes place when every voice is given the opportunity to be heard.


The information collected will be analyzed and help determine our actions, our programming and our direction.  It will also help us to set goals.  There is no way to determine if our efforts are taking us down the road we hoped for if we have no way to measure our results.


From there it is a matter of executing the plans and there will undoubtedly be some things that work wonderfully and some that won’t.  But that’s to be expected – and it’s a great opportunity to step back reevaluate and change course.   

Right now is the exciting time.  The potential, the possibilities the ideas.  


I love talking with people and hearing their positive reactions and their frustrations.  I start thinking about all the different programs, events, strategies to provide local businesses a better chance to thrive and our citizens prosper.   

Through this process we may discover amenities we may not have now but could develop and would be incredible in improving the quality of life in Port Lavaca.  


I encourage you to take a few moments to think about our community and share those thoughts with us because at the end of the day, for the most part, we all want the same things….  Safety, quality education and activities for our children and ourselves,   medical services,  recreational opportunities,  cultural and entertainment options, the chance to earn a decent wage with a good employer and a good home.






























































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